I am humbled, grateful, and inspired by these individuals.

They have changed my life as much as I have changed theirs.

"I was a fitness enthusiast…very self-motivated… until my 3rd child came along!  After that, I was completely overwhelmed and discouraged about exactly HOW I was going to fit nutrition and exercise back in to my life. Not only did I lose a "hobby" I once cherished, I actually lost myself.  That was not a good thing for me- or my family.  It was Jackie that made me realize that it was 100% possible to get it all back- and then some.
Her unyielding positive outlook on life is contagious, and I slowly started to believe in myself.
She has been my biggest cheerleader over the past year, and she has been there for me at all hours of the day and at every point in my journey.  But her "cheering" is not just a bunch of empty words or quotes she cuts and pastes off the internet!  It is more than that. Jackie takes the time to get to know each individual she helps and becomes determined to find the BEST plan for that unique person.  We are all different, and Jackie knows that each individual needs specific guidance to help him/her along on their journey!
Jackie's coaching has not only improved my fitness level, but I've learned SO much about nutrition from her.  After 3 C-sections (and at almost 40), I am in the BEST shape of my life and I'm definitely the healthiest I've ever been!  Jackie is so knowledgeable about it ALL… but what good is knowing it, if you are not ready and willing to SHARE it all!?  Jackie seems to wake up each day, with her ultimate goal being to HELP OTHERS.  I don't think she realizes that even her smallest kind and supportive gesture has a huge impact on the lives of her clients.  She doesn't treat people like customers or clients- more like friends.
Because I've now gained so much confidence in my ability to set and reach my fitness goals,  I have been excelling in other areas of my life that needed some shaping up!  All around, Jackie's guidance and support has had an extremely positive influence over my life." 

Andrea Rhodes

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I met Jackie about a year ago and from that day she changed my life in the best way possible.  When you meet Jackie it feels like you have known her for years, she has a great enthusiasm and energy that is contagious.  She told me about her Turbo Kick class and it sounded interesting but I wasn’t sure of myself having no balance and tripping over air.  Talking to Jackie I decided to try it and I was amazed at what I could do and learned modification.  Jackie is so inspiring and the first person to help you out and give you encouragement and confidence.  She has helped me gain the strength both physically and emotionally to not be afraid to try something new.  Her knowledge on health is remarkable and doing any of her clean eating or exercise groups is inspiring as she gives 110 percent. She believes in you even when you are having trouble believing in yourself.  She is a role model for both men and women of all ages and I will forever be indebted to her for helping me to reach for the stars.

Kathy Sullivan

I have been going to Jackie's PiYo class for over a year now and I love her teaching style so much that I went to a different gym just to continue taking classes with her. Every class begins with her introducing herself to each new person who is starting the class, and she gives a quick overview of what is about to happen to help calm your nerves. Immediately, she makes you feel welcome, as though you are meant to be there no matter your fitness level. If Jackie ever had a bad day, you would never know because her sunny disposition is constant throughout every workout. Jackie shows modifications to all of the moves and even uses them herself from time-to-time, which proves that she wants everyone to do what's right for his or her own body, with an emphasis on proper form rather than doing the most challenging moves. My favorite part of her class is being able to laugh during the workouts. She makes exercising fun and I look forward to her class every week.

Emily McIntosh

The short version: Jackie Garnett changed my life and EVERYONE should work with her. Seriously, everyone!

The long version: I am deeply grateful to Jackie for giving me the tools & support I needed to become & remain a healthy, active, and strong working mom. Thanks to her constant inspiration and support I have a fitness routine that works for me, and a community that keeps me engaged in the journey.

I joined my first challenge group with Jackie when my son was 10 months old – I was back at work full-time and struggling to balance the demands of my job with the demands of my infant. Self-care was at the absolute bottom of my to-do list. Working with Jackie, I learned how to make my own fitness a priority, and more efficient and effective ways to take care of myself – which in turn gave me even more time & energy to devote to the rest of my life. The community Jackie creates in her groups and on her coaching team has proven invaluable to me. I’ve made new friends, and always have a place to go with questions, struggles, and successes along the way. 

Additionally, I’ve recently become part of Jackie’s coaching team. It’s so inspiring to be working with a group of people who are so dedicated to helping others live their best lives. Jackie’s leadership has made our team a dynamic, caring, and FUN group – it’s an honor to be a part of it!

Amanda Doster

Jackie is an inspiring, energetic, and fun coach and teacher. She is constantly trying to motivate her students to strive to the next level no matter where they are at. She makes class fun even though at times it can be very challenging. The progress I have made from going to Jackie's classes has made both my confidence and my love for the gym grow. My flexibility, strength, endurance, and balance have all improved dramatically and it feels so great to see the progress! It shows in Jackie's class that she works hard to deliver organized instruction. She also caters to all different abilities, which makes the class feel welcome to all. I would highly recommend Jackie as a coach, teacher, and fitness mentor!

Briana Welch

I first met Jackie a little over a year ago when she started teaching Turbo Kick and PiYo at a local studio.  I was hesitant to try another form of ‘cardio kickboxing’ but after the first class, I was hooked. I love her energy and how she pushes me to my limits. Now I cannot imagine my life without my weekly Turbo Kick class. 

Since I was seeing results, I decided to become a coach on Jackie’s team. I had some resistance at first, but not because of Jackie; it was more about my fears and my abilities. Jackie continued to encourage me without being pushy about it. I felt that she was genuine about helping me succeed.

It feels great to be a part of a community of people from all over the country. These people, who have no stake in my success, have encouraged and supported me from day one, and I’ve never felt that kind of support before.  I know my success in fitness and in this business is all predicated on the work I put in and my dedication and passion, but having someone like Jackie in my corner, cheering me on and rooting for me, makes my journey much more special. 

Jen Birmingham


You name it, I’ve tried it. Books, nutritionists, trainers, Weight Watchers, etc. It wasn’t that these approaches were unhelpful; it’s that they weren’t the full package. One might focus on meal planning but wouldn’t speak to the exercise component. Another could focus on exercise, but not nutrition. And none of them could be with you every day, offering support every step of the way. 

A very dear and trusted friend recommended Jackie with Beachbody. Both of us have a healthy skepticism of the weight loss industry. “Beachbody”?? It sounded like a gimmick. And yet my friend’s results with Jackie were very real. As a new mom, she had worked with Jackie to get back in balance and lose the extra baby weight — successfully.

Jackie and Beachbody are the dream team! I’ve finally found the full package I had been looking for. The nutrition, the exercise, the support and best of all, Jackie as my personal coach. Jackie has literally been with me at every imaginable point. On vacation, when I was panicking because I saw pictures of myself in a bathing suit: Jackie calmed me down and we developed a plan to get back on track. Or the every-day stuff: motivating me to hit “play” with my exercise program when I lacked the will power. She has always been there.

Unlike other personal coaches, Jackie has a fitness background and really knows how to motivate and inspire results. I love the friends I’ve made in the supportive communities she has created for every goal I’ve had! Jackie’s authenticity, her genuine commitment and care, her expertise in the field and her obvious love for what she does is the real difference. I’ve found my soulmate program and Jackie is my soulmate coach. Let Jackie help you, too. Trust me and you’re welcome :-)

Mollie Fox