The Old School Challenge

Keri and I are taking it back old school to the programs that put us on the map. Chances are you've heard of either INSANITY or P90X. Probably both. (I mean really, if Bruno Mars gives it a mention in his Snuggie song, then we know we've made it.)

Now that Beachbody is getting with the times and making these workouts accessible for free through our streaming app, Beachbody On Demand (a.k.a. BOD), we thought it would be fun to run a 3-week Challenge Group with a little friendly competition:


And what's a friendly competition without a contest and prizes for participation? We've got you! It's summer so we are going to make this a party! Because if you can't have FUN doing these crazy workouts, well then, what's the point?

The group starts on Monday and will run June 6- June 26. The requirement to be in the group is to follow the workout plan for either INSANITY or P90X for the full 3 weeks. I will help you decide which program is right for you, and if limited time or ability is a concern for you, don't worry, we have options! ;) Fill out the form below asap and I will get back to you within 24 hours because we are setting up this group to get your ready THIS Thursday!

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This is a 21-day fitness challenge that will run from June 6- June 26. Will you be able to fully commit for these 3 weeks? *
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