Ok, ladies.

Let's get real.

It's time to give yourself as much attention as you give to everyone else.

Stop brushing it under the rug.

No more convincing yourself that it will all work itself out somehow in the end.

Self care takes work.

Let's do this necessary work together.



The Mighty Mama Project

Virtual Course

a 30-day


virtual course.


A journey of self-discovery

and realignment







A course designed + structured to meet you where you are in life


Not where you used to be

before you had kids or before you took that big promotion.

Not where you hope to be

after the next holiday or one year from now.

Right now.


The workshop will be broken down into 6 segments:

Write it Out

You will explore journaling, quickwriting, and various other forms of the craft in order to arrive at our soul-centered truths.


The Self-Help Myth

Somehow, self-help books have received a bad rap. You will find the media outlet that best fits into your life (whether it be a podcast, audio book, or YouTube channel) that will continue to inspire + educate you for life.

Hold Your Vision

I will help you figure out the best visualization format for you. One that won't leave you feeling bad about who you are NOT, but rather motivate you daily to strive for progress while simultaneously highlighting pride for where you currently are.

I Am Mighty

You will build confidence + discover your self-worth by redefining the way you talk to yourself. You are mighty. Even if you don't quite know that yet.

Moving On

We will shine a spotlight on the physical, mental, and emotional health benefits of moving every day. Anything from walking to yoga. From crossfit to cycling. Exercise can fit into your schedule.

Not Balance, But Harmony

The final segment will focus on how you will integrate everything you learned during the course into your life for a lifetime. As women, we constantly talk about finding balance in our lives. This word doesn't really work for me. Instead, I like to seek harmony in my life. And I will teach you how I do so.


This workshop is for you if:

  • You feel "off"
  • You can't seem to find time for yourself
  • You are looking to surround yourself with positivity
  • You are ready to make a change to better your life


This course will include:

  • 30 + emails with mini assignments that will fit into your crazy life. The course is designed to be self-paced so you can complete them on your own time.
  • 1:1 interaction from Jackie
  • Access to the private Mighty Mamas group on Facebook where you can interact with other women on the sharing similar journeys.


This workshop is valued at $249


your investment in the virtual course=

 just $67


Sign up here:

I learned so much at the Mighty Mama Retreat. We were a group of ladies with different backgrounds, different ages, different family situations and different goals, but we had so much in common. It was a great opportunity to share ideas, strengths, weaknesses, laughs, dreams, and goals. I loved the support of the group, and Jackie was great in making us think about what we wanted out of our lives and how to get there.
— Molly D.
If you want to get away and put yourself first, do this! It’s baby steps and maybe you will gain a friend or heck a tribe! Jackie is supportive and fun. I mean when was the last time you had fun?
— Sreya S.
What can I say? Game changer. You spend this time getting out of your own head and being brutally honest with yourself and a group of women you have never met. There may not be anything so freeing than realizing such a different group of women share so much.
— Melissa J. (Melissa subtly hinted to her totally awesome, super supportive husband that she wanted to take this workshop and he gifted it to her <3 )
A chance to think about yourself, where you would like to see yourself, and any ideas on how to make it happen. I will definitely be giving it as a gift to my best friend and recommending it as a the perfect Mother’s Day gift. They have heard me go on and on about how amazing the day was. I want to pay it forward. Thank you Jackie.
— Peggy M.
*Jackie considers herself lucky to be so immersed in the world of health + fitness, but this workshop is NOT an exercise/ nutrition course. If you are looking for her support in this realm, please click here.
Much thanks to Rosy Hue Photography for these awesome images of Jackie with her little guy.