All ability levels welcome.

Beginner through advanced.

Henry Law Park, Dover

Saturday mornings @ 8:30-9:15am

Check back for 2019 dates


There's no better way to start your weekend than with a little sweat and some YOU time in the fresh air.

Come join in the fun!


$8 cash drop in

Never carry cash?

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Purchase a punch card here:

If you plan on coming even just ONCE, click GOING on the Facebook event HERE.

Also drop your email below.

(Don't worry, I won't email you very often. Only when class is cancelled/ relocated, etc.)

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WHERE in the park are we meeting? At the big field at the bottom of the hill, second gazebo.

Are there bathrooms? No. Make sure to "go" before you come! :) There *may* be a port-a-potty or two because of the playground construction but I wouldn't count on it.

Can I pay with a credit card? Do you have punch cards? Yes and yes! Right here. If you are dropping in, cash only. I will have change!

What do I need to bring? Just your beautiful smiling face! We do pushups and lie down on the grass, so if you don't like touching the ground, you might want to bring a yoga mat or towel or something. But be warned: they WILL get dirty! And definitely bring a water bottle!

What should I wear? Check the weather-- you may need layers. We have some moves that require your hips to go up in the air and your head to go down (think downdog position) so if you get self conscious about your stomach showing in public, wear a tight fitting shirt. The morning dew makes for some damp grass, so plan on getting dirty. Don't wear those fancy new workout clothes or brand new sneakers.

What if it's raining? What if Jackie's sick? ALWAYS check the Facebook event page here before going to class (either the night before, or morning of), and make sure you drop your email address here so that I can directly email you if it's cancelled. If it's just sprinkling or raining lightly, I will still hold class (it's actually kinda fun in the rain). But if it's been raining for days and the ground is wet & slippery, I might cancel class for your safety. I'm out of town for at least one Saturday each month, so make sure you check the schedule. There may be a date or two that they are hosting events in the park (so we'll be moving locations), so seriously-- check the Facebook event page before you come!

Do I need to show up early? Try to arrive 5-10 min early for your first class because I need you to sign a waiver.

How long is the class? 45 minutes.

Is there parking? There is free parking all around the park because it's the weekend.

Will I be able to do this class? Anyone of any fitness ability can do this class! Don't be intimidated by the name. I promise, you will survive! I show Level 1 (less intense/ low impact) and Level 2 moves (more intense/ higher impact). With that said, this class is meant to push you physically and mentally. It's supposed to be hard. But it's only 45 minutes! You can do it! All I ask is that you go at your own pace, push yourself to do YOUR BEST, and as long as you're moving, I'm happy :) If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you. My goal is for you to leave class feeling accomplished-- like you could take on the world!

How are you going to play the sick INSANITY music without any electricity? Don't worry your pretty little face about it! I've got it! There WILL be music, of course!

Can I bring my kid? There isn't going to be anyone there to watch your kids and I'm not liable for their safety. There is a gorgeous brand new playground at the far end of the park, so if they're old enough to hang out at the park by themselves, and you feel comfortable with it, sure, feel free to bring them. If your kid wants to participate, you just have to sign a waiver for them, but the class is really meant for adults.


If you have any more questions, feel free to post them on the discussion here. Others may have the same question!