i heart Shaun T

In the delivery room, I’m about halfway through the 2-hour torture that is pushing my son out, when one of the nurses looks up on the shelf across the room, squints, and asks, “Is that Shaun T?”

Why yes it is.

I brought my Shaun T bobblehead doll to the hospital because I knew he would be the best focal point for me. For 10 years Shaun T has been telling me to “dig deeper” and I had this feeling that when giving birth, I was going to have to dig really deep.

Shaun T has this incredible ability to reach through the TV screen and pull the most out of me during my workout. Whether it’s HIIT training or dance, I bring it. Because his passion is contagious, his pep talks are never cheesy, and every time he speaks, he’s talking RIGHT to me. Plus he’s funny, he’s adorable, and one of my students recently told me that she used to hang out with him in college. Like, in his dorm room. And yeah, she confirmed he’s pretty much the nicest guy ever.

I <3 Shaun T.

So that’s the accountability group I’m going to run for May: i heart Shaun T. The only requirement to be in the group: you gotta love Shaun T too ;) And obviously you have to be doing one of his at-home workout programs, haha. This group will be 3 weeks of Shaun T every day.  If you want to join us, fill out this quick form:

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