Jackie's New Years Clean Eating Challenge

Deadline to join: December 20th

I recently decided to give myself a challenge to wear a favorite pair of jeans on Thanksgiving day.

I haven't fit into these jeans in FOUR years.

My exercise has been on point for the past 4 years, so I knew that in order to fit into these jeans, I had to change something about my nutrition. So I went shopping for all the avocados and donated all the beers to a friend (he really appreciated that) and I made a decision to commit to 3 weeks of clean eating. REAL food. Food that I love and looked forward to eating every day. Three weeks is all it took.

I lost 9 pounds and 8 inches and the jeans fit. Comfortably.

Now I want to teach you exactly what I did.

Fill out the questionnaire below and I will be in touch within 24 hours to give you more details.

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The requirement for this 3-week Challenge is to eat healthily. Excercise is optional. Do you plan on exercising too?
We will be using the Fix color-coded portion control containers for this Challenge. Do you already have them?
How would you prefer to be coached by me for this 3-week Challenge?
Is it ok if I email you about once/ month with my blog posts, healthy lifestyle tips, etc?
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A little bit more about my 3-week journey...

Because of Daylight Savings, we lost a little bit of morning sunlight for the "after" pictures, but these will have to do. Although there isn't TOO much of a difference in the pictures, the real transformation happened on the inside. I have never felt this kind of accomplishment before. I have learned a thing or two about dedication and commitment that has transferred over into other areas of my life. Both my home life and my business are more structured, focused, and productive now. I am living life with intention and purpose and I am on a mission.