Quick fix culture

The other day I caught up with one of my students after class and we got to talking about her new, healthier eating habits. Elated, she confessed that she notices a boost in energy and that her body just feels better during her super chaotic days. *Sound the triumphant Rocky music* Yay! This is what proper nutrition should do to you. When we finished chatting, I asked her if she was heading in the direction of the nursery to pick up her kiddo because I was scooting that way too.

“I gotta hit the dreadmill,” she said.

“Oh? But you just had a KILLER class.” She really did.

“Yeah. But look at me.”


Yeah, but look at me? I didn’t even know what to say. Was she expecting me to say, “Yeah, your stomach could be a little flatter?” Or “Your butt definitely needs lifting?” Or “You should really pick up some dumbells and work on that upper arm flab while you’re at it?”