We're all in it together.

Over the past month, I made a conscious decision to take a major step back from social media. Having a career that revolves heavily around my virtual community, this was not an easy decision for me to make. I am well aware of the statistics regarding making 3 posts daily on my Facebook “Like” page, broadcasting at least 1 Periscope per day, and following my followers on Instagram. But my days were starting to become annoyingly consumed with a chirping phone. I would open my laptop to pay some bills but I’d end up mindlessly scrolling Facebook, forgetting why I sat down at my desk to begin with. And my comparisonitis was starting to act up again. Oh, I’m sorry Pinterest moms, I didn’t know I needed a degree in interior design to successfully throw a train-themed party for my son’s 2nd birthday.  On top of that, communication with friends through Facebook was starting to feel emotionless. It wasn’t me. None of it felt right any more. And lately, I have been trying extra hard to do what FEELS right. 

I didn’t know what would happen by taking a step back for a few weeks. I expected my business to take a small hit.  But I was ok with that. Because I am not in the business of making a living. I’m in the business of making a life. But actually, in letting up on social media usage, the most wonderful thing happened—I started to connect with people on a human level again.

First I started putting down my phone in public. I had to force myself but I did it—I began conversations with strangers on the plane, in line at the grocery store, at the park. It reminded me that there are really so many kind people around me. People I haven’t met yet that I want to get to know. While my social media threads were filled with news of disgusting people doing heinous things, I was reminded that good actually does exist. And it exists in abundance right in my community.

I met with coaches and their newborns at coffee shops. I had Zoom calls with clients. I sent snail mail to friends. I ran a team challenge through Voxer (a wicked cool walkie-talkie app). And of course, I exercised with my people. I gave high-fives and felt sweat in the palms of their hands. I heard vacation waves crashing in the background of their messages. In the top corner of my screen, I saw little kids peeking through doors, and dogs scurrying to get off camera. I heard excitement + passion in their voices and I saw truth in their eyes. Two people cried. And I cried along with them.

It all reminded me why I'm in this business to begin with:

Because of the people.

Because of you guys.

In this incredibly hectic and complicated world, there is really quite a beautiful simplicity in human connectedness. It brings us back to our intrinsic need for others. In the end, we are all just human beings. Humans, being, in this same world. And we are all here together.

So for this blog, I don't have any fitness advice or nutrition tips to shell out, I just simply wanted to say "thank you" to those who have embraced this past month with me. It's been fun, and I can't wait to really connect with more of you in the upcoming months.