The Compound IMPACT

Recently I took an all-expenses paid vacation with my BFF to an all-inclusive resort in Cancun that I earned through Beachbody. This was me for 3 days straight:

In the 2 weeks leading up to the trip, Beachbody held a promotion for Cancun attendees: we could win an exclusive photo op with 3 celebrity trainers by earning a certain number of points within 11 days. These celebrity trainers are my IDOLS. If you know me, you know that I’d be more excited to meet Shaun T than Brad Pitt. And to get a professional photo taken with him to document that moment forever? Then, DAMN! In learning of this photo op, I decided then and there that earning it was not an option. It was going to happen.

Trying my hardest to earn these photo op points got me really far, but then I hit a wall. I had no clue where my last two points were going to come from and I had only 2 days left to get them. And then, as my coach, Amber, puts it (yes, even coaches have coaches), the Universe intervened. I had been working with my client, Sarah, for years, giving her guidance along her fitness journey, and not seeing any significant financial gains from it. Out of nowhere she shot me a message and said she was ready to commit to a full nutrition & fitness package. That purchase earned me my final 2 points.

The more I thought about how awesome the Universe was at that moment, the more I realized it actually wasn’t pure luck. Her interest in starting a new program NOW actually didn’t arrive out of nowhere.  Her decision to commit to this program and work with me more closely now was a result of lots of little things I had done to support her over the past few years. She had participated in my free summer booty squat Challenge and my free post-holiday clean eating Challenge.  She often engages in my motivational social media posts. And I would (every so often) touch base with her as a friend to see how she’s doing at work, if she was surviving the move to her new apartment, and to hear stories about cat sitting for her crazy landlords. Over the years, I was consistently consistent in giving Sarah genuine motivation and support. And it was paying off now in the form of a sweet picture with my man:

Darren Hardy refers to this process of being consistently consistent as the “Compound Effect.” His theory is that reaping huge rewards comes from making small, smart choices. He writes, “even though the results are massive, the steps, in the moment, don’t feel significant.”  This principle applies to all aspects of our lives. Finances, relationships, and of course, health.

When it comes to our health, the repetition of small, smart choices can make a huge difference. For example, if you just eliminate 125 calories from your diet every day (and do NOTHING else), you will lose 33 pounds in two and a half years. Or if you start with 1 mile and jog 3 times/ week, increasing your route by just 1/8 of a mile each time, after 9 months, you could build enough stamina to run a half marathon.  Eliminating 125 calories or increasing your running route by 1/8 of a mile seems like nothing, but remember, things that are simple to do are also simple not to do.  Many of my clients get hung up on the consistency. We live in a “get slim quick” kind of society. When the answer to any and every question is now at the tap of a fingertip, we have quickly come to live in a world of instant gratification. Many times, I work with clients who are enthusiastic to start their journeys, but when they don’t see results after a week or two, they give up.  I promise you, it will take time. But I also promise you, that if you are doing it right, you will reach massive results. Don’t discount all those little choices you make throughout your journey. They matter. And they add up. Reaching for a bottle of water instead of a can of soda is a huge daily victory. So is deciding the get up off the couch and take a walk around the block. Next time you make a small choice like that, literally give yourself a pat on the back and say out loud, “Nice choice. I rock.” All too often we beat ourselves up over the little things we do wrong and we forget to praise ourselves for the little things we’re doing right.

What is one small step that you are making today to move your career, health, and/or relationships in the right direction?